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Universal Surface Tester®

UST®: Universal Surface Tester® for measuring elastic and plastic deformation behavior, roughness, haptics, hardness, damping, creeping and recovery (3D possible)


An instrument that measures tribological quantities, such as coefficient of friction, friction force, and wear volume, between two surfaces in contact


3D profilometer visiometer for fast 3D measurement of topography and roughness


Micro-Kalotest with Taperader® for quick, mobile abrasion measurement (non-visible damage)


The outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary

Soiling affinity

The tendency that the soil is transferred and adheres onto the surface of the product

Scratch quantification

Counting and measuring the scratches on the surface that maps human observations and illustrate with a set of numbers


Describes the deformation of a (solid) material undergoing non-reversible changes of shape in response to applied forces

Metal fatigue

Deformation mechanism occurring primarily in ductile metals