One Stop Provider for Panel & Haptic Test, Touchscreen and Automotive Interior Tests

Our testing service focus on the following main aspects of testing:

  • Display testing: the largest independent display testing facility in Germany
  • Automotive interior testing: a reliable testing partner for interior components quality assurance tests
  • Panel and haptic study: the only institute performing both panel study, haptic test and the correlation of these two studies
  • Material & surface testing: perform classical mechanical and tribolgocial test, and micro- & nanometer resolution   in-situ mechanical tests
  • Surface topography and roughness parameters: both optical non-tactile and tactile metrology test
  • Testing of wetting properties by contact angle measurements and determination of surface energy
  • Color and gloss measurements
  • Microscopic and chemical surface analysis
  • Adhesion and bond strength testing
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)

ISPA’s facility employs a big variety of specific testing machines encompassing over 100 test methods.

ISPA has the ability to design and customise test methods to your specific application as well as the resources to build test machines or adapters of your needs. ISPA defines the test proposal based on the application in real scenario. With testing either being the final stage of product qualification process, or the early stage of development, it is vital that it be completed with the precision and expertise.

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Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests

Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests
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Reference Ageing behavior: ; Picture created by jcomp