Mechanical Testing

Tribological test, E-mobility, in-situ testing with analysis

Classical tribological test

ISPA currently offers more than 50 different types of tests to examine the friction and wear behaviour of materials, coatings and / or lubricants. Especially with the development of the past few years in the E-mobility, ISPA offers fatigue and friction tests for the key components in the electric cars.

Test scopes include:

· Mechanical test for material/lubricant screening

· Four ball test: DIN 51350, ASTM D 2266, 4172, 5183, 2596

· Abrasive wear test

· Two-disc test

· Mechanical dynamic component test 

· Gear test

· Bearing test: radial, axial, radial and axial

· False Brinelling test

· FE8

· FE9

Nanometer resolution in-situ measurement

Among various kinds of commercial available in-line material property testing instruments, UST® is by far the only tester which close the gap between the traditional macro-mechanical testing machines and nanoscale machines,  e.g. nano-indentator and AFMs.

  • High precision load sensor combined with piezo actuator and active feedback loop control for real-time measurement of normal load and friction force;
  • Options with different load range by easy exchange of measuring head;
  • Automatic X-Y table with built-in motor for high precision profiling, the measurement area is up to 60 mm × 60 mm;
  • High resolution table for high repositioning;
  • Accurate depth measurement with bigger travel range for all tests, up to 4 mm in Z direction;
  • Advanced linear module with displacement sensor;
  • In-situ measurement with local resolution;
  • Steady control of speed, displacement and step load;
  • Automated video microscope with synchronized panorama;
  • Compatible to ISO, DIN and ASTM standards;
  • Real time data acquisition with full integration of images, data and graphics;
  • Easy sample preparation and tip exchange;
  • Customized tip choice for various applications
  • Compatible with various environments: liquid, or humidity.

Extract of devices for characterization of friction, scratch and abrasion properties:

  • Tribometer (rotational and translational motion, measurements in liquids possible)
  • Taber abraser (e.g. DIN EN ISO 5470-1, DIN 53754, DIN EN 660-1, ISO 9352)
  • UST®-Universal Surface Tester
  • Dyna-SPA®
  • Abrex®
  • Martindale (e.g. DIN EN ISO 12947)
  • Crockmeter (e.g. DIN EN ISO 105-X12)
  • Automatic washability and abrasion tester (e.g. ISO 11988, ASTM D 4213, ASTM D 2486)
  • Automatic tensile adhesion tester (e.g. DIN EN ISO 16276-1, DIN EN ISO 4624, ASTM D4541)


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With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests

Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests
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