Fingerprints and Technology

Human fingerprints are unique, durable, making them suitable as long-term markers of human identity. They have played an important role in the history of forensic science and personal identification or security.

What is the “fingerprints” of your product? Is there any unique surface and structural characteristics of your product which differ from the competitive products?

Nowadays many products, especially consumer products, often present themselves as a brand with certain optical appearance, haptics surface features and scents to attract customers.
The touch and feel on the product from human beings is powerful. Detailed understanding and enhancing the aesthetic portion of the total “feel” is helpful in the consumer product design.

The “fingerprints” of many consumer products could bring various benefits in the field of:

·  Product surface design: create unique product branding features as identification 

· Used as a quality assurance protocol during manufacturing stages: provide “Green”or “ Red” light during the production


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Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests

Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests
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