Colour and gloss measurements

Colour is the quality feature that often catches the eye first and is often associated with a high recognition value of a brand. It is therefore all the more important that low colour tolerances are maintained. The same applies to the interaction of different materials, for example in car interiors. In addition to classical quality control in the laboratory, the SKZ is also working on measurement methods close to the process and is constantly researching new ways to ensure colour quality long before the component is finished.

Standardised measurement geometries are used for industrial colour measurement of plastic products based on standardised procedures. The measurements are carried out spectrally, the output of the colour values as well as the indication of the colour distances is usually carried out for industrial applications according to the CIE L*a*b* system. Many other colour systems are also possible. The output of reflection curves is also possible. The following measuring instruments are available for this purpose:

  • Laboratory instruments with d/8° geometry (reflectance/transmittance; with/without gloss trap)
  • Hand-held measuring devices with 45°/0° geometry
  • Gloss meter (60° angle)
  • Inline melt colorimeter (reflection/transmission with temperature measurement)
  • Inline colorimeter with d/8° geometry (for extrudates)

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Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests

Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests
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