Adhesion and bond strength tests

For lacquers, paints, coatings or adhesives, wetting and adhesion to substrates is a decisive quality criterion. We test the bond strength of coating and adhesive systems in order to determine suitable application-specific material combinations.

We search for suitable joining and testing methods for adhesive bonding processes, provide you with contacts and carry out preliminary investigations for suitability testing. Our independent consulting service includes practical and theoretical adhesive technology feasibility and assistance in integrating the adhesive technology method into your process according to your requirements and specifications. Before investing in a new adhesive system/material change, a detailed investigation of the possibilities and limitations of the process is recommended.

Extract from the test services:

  • Determination of tensile strength according to DIN EN ISO 527
  • Determination of the tensile strength of butt splices by means of Centrifugal Adhesion Testing Technology according to DIN EN 15870 with Adhesion Analyser (CAT-Technology)
  • Tensile shear testing DIN EN 1465
  • Three-point bending test according to DIN EN ISO 178
  • Peel test in accordance with VDI 2019 and DIN EN 1464

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Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests

Panel Study

With the Correlation of the Quantitive Haptic Tests
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