MedTechLIVE 2021

Fingerprint Affinity and Easy-to-Clean in Medical Equipments by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang P. Weinhold 20 – 22 April 2021 at

Webinar: Program IAK with Forum Glass Technology: Glass Surfaces

Protection against infection is a current challenge for glass surfaces. Control elements made of glass have to survive other requirements as well. The use of glass as a design element also has its own required feature. What does glass surface look like? And how can or must it be modified to fulfil to the tasks? […]

Webinar: Electronic Displays Conference

Exploring the OLED World at your Fingertip MONDAY, 01. MARCH 2021 – 17:15 – 17:45 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weinhold,ISPA – Institute for Surface and Product Analysis Analysis of Realistic Scratches and Abrasion TUESDAY, 02. MARCH 2021 – 14:50 – 15:10 Julian ScharyInnowep Corona: the New Challenge – Anti-fouling andEasy-to-clean Standards and Test Methods THURSDAY, 04. […]

Webinar: What is the right Testing for your Display?

ISPA, the world leading testing facility for display and touchscreen durability evaluation and haptic study will lend their expertise to help the OEMs and their suppliers to explore how to choose a proper and sensible test.A question often asked is, ‘what’s the right testing for my display products? IPSA will come with answers. Enroll now […]